Crimson Crusaders

With no specific purpose other then to serve the order, the Crimson Crusaders are the generalist battalion. Led by /u/LadyVulcan, the Crimson crusaders stand ready to face whatever challenges await them in each campaign. Join the Crimson Crusaders if you aren’t sure which battalion is for you, if you feel you have a wide skill set, or you’d like to serve the knights in ways that we cant yet predict. Find them on the Discord server or at /r/CrimsonCrusaders/.

We are the North American-based general purpose battalion. Never certain of our exact role, we stand ready and willing, whatever may come.

As the events have become shorter, so our reaction time has needed to sharpen and become more focused. Knowing the highest activity is when the sun is high over the Americas, a battalion was born with the longest watch and the greatest task: be prepared for any thing and any ask.

Never before has so much been asked of such new blades, and whether testing the waters of Circle of Trust to root out an infiltrator or running the gauntlets of the Sequence Acts to support our allies, our young blades ring strong and true.