Another Year, Another Crusade

Welcome one and all to yet another First of April, which for many has been a very busy time.

Enter /r/Sequence.

The gist: There are 7 Sequences, two with 20 Scenes and 5 with 50 scenes. The scenes can be a gif or a text box. The Machine crunches through a Final Voting period of a specific Scene in 10 minutes. (No visible Timer for us Button veterans. Le sigh,)

As of this writing, the Prologue is in the can, and Act 1 is currently voting on a scene in the late 30s.

What are we doing? We’ve entered into alliances with several different factions to help guide the narrative into stories that make sense, my current favorite being Act 1 Scenes 30-36.

Join us on our Discord Server to check in, or if you’re an Aspirant, you can also swear in at the official Oath Thread for this year.

And now, if you’re reading this and have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s some words from /u/mcmeaningoflife42:

Hello, redditors new and old. Whether this is your first April Fool’s event or you’ve been around since before Orangered and Periwinkle, we would like to welcome you to one of Reddit’s largest stable groups dedicated to exploring April events.

We were founded as /r/knightsofthebutton, a group involved with the extension of reddit’s most publicized social experiment for months on end. Thousands of knights were called into action, each sacrificing a click to extend a timer of /r/TheButton anywhere from 0 to 60 seconds.

We went on to leak /r/JoinRobin, the 2016 prank, a few days early, and shifted over to this current subreddit, building an infrastructure to last for years to come.

We left an enduring monument on /r/Place: a banner advertising this subreddit and a replica of the button underneath, fighting back hordes of void members, pixel artists, and at one point the entire country of Sweden.

Finally, in /r/CircleOfTrust, we created several of the top surviving circles by only giving passcodes to our most trusted. We fought off /r/circularswarm, boosting several users’ circles in the process while exposing traitors to the world. One such circle (that just so happened to be my own) is the second-largest surviving one, and potentially the largest one run without mass coordination of accounts.

This year, we hope to leave a mark of our legacy and those of our allies on sequence. Whenever possible, we will combat the forces of chaos present every year, and we will restore a bit of sanity to every event that comes our way.

We hope you will join us.

Sir Gryph


Archmage, and Leader of /r/RedguardKnights.

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