Ashen Blade

The Knights of the Ashen Blade: shameful, painful, hard-working nerds. A pointless coven of villains and spies, scoundrels and liars. If you’ve managed to wheedle your way into, yet failed an interview for a more respectable Battalion— Redguard, Britguard, the Church— you’ll have to find your place here in the chain gang. We’re up front about that here. We bear our chain gangery on our sleeves, our ankles and our practicality.

The chain gang, though! Goodness! What good is there in a chain gang? What good is there in forming and joining! Well, let’s give it a shot— the higher-ups call this a ‘redemptive opportunity’; rehabilitative, community-servicing, front-garden-cutting and important to the general effort. Perhaps it’s a marvel we’ve made a place for forgiveness here in the April Knights but make one we have, remarkably. It’s actually something that is pretty rare- most of the time there are no second chances- but the order saw something in us. Wild, isn’t it.

Until now, put truthfully, the Ashen Blade’s ranks have served as a holding cell. The cells, though, provide an important advantage: we          , we foster an enjoyably oppressive atmosphere; we try, painfully and painstakingly to slap, glue and sorely rivet together our very own trustworthy core of worker ants/Knights.
The April Knights, altogether, is a bit of a major–minorly–major time commitment each April. Everyone knows that and understands that and often balks at the thought of engaging— but the Ashen Blade? The blade will take you no matter your level of commitment. Standards? Standards? Work requests go in, work requests go out; the Ashen Blade functions busily, Mechanical-Turk, whirring and buzzing and funneling members in and out, slap, slap, out you go, in you come, prove yourself or move yourself, pal.

Once, though! Once in a blue moon, a promising Knight emerges from the boot camp scum, frothing and full of energy, ready to serve a more prestigious battalion and (if we Ashen Blades have done our jobs right) never talk about the time spent serving this battalion again. Join us on the AprilKnights discord and fall in line behind /u/hatesmoderaters .

This is the most difficult starting point-but there’s no where to go but up.